Lime Solutions

Our Cement lime storage silos are typically used for hydrated lime, quicklime, calcium carbonate, activated carbon, but they can also  be adapted for other products.

Lime milk plants are made up of silos for all categories of uses including: complete extraction plant for fluidification or vibrating bottom, dosing with auger, rotary valve, microdoser and continuous weighing and dissolving.

The recent move worldwide towards eco friendly operations has led to the development of plants for the storage and dosing of all products used in the treatment of wastewater and  solid waste.

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Laife Australia

Laife is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cement lime and chemical storage silos, and Laife Australia is proud to be the first distributor of these products in Western Australia.

The Laife mining, industrial and commercial product range has been developed over years and is regarded as one of the industry leaders due to their innovation, technology and superior build quality.

Get high load capacity, and easy transportable Modular panel silos. 

Modular Silos Ø3600

Component Silos  Ø4600

Modular Silos Ø5000

Modular Silos Ø6000

Modular Silos Ø7000

Modular Silos Ø9000

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