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Laife Australia

Laife is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of cement lime and chemical storage silos, and Laife Australia is proud to be the first distributor of these products in Western Australia.

The Laife mining, industrial and commercial product range has been developed over years and is regarded as one of the industry leaders due to their innovation, technology and superior build quality.

We can provide you with a range of solutions that can integrate with existing plant operations.

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Laife are Italy’s leading manufactures

of Cement, Lime & Chemical storage silos

Why Choose Us

Over 50 years of innovation and development

Laife Australia is the sole distributor for the complete range of Laife products and solutions. Our Australia based company has been selling silo, fixed and mobile plant solutions to a range of industries in Australia for over 30 years

We work closely with our clients and can provide them with a range of customized solutions to enhance their operations.

  • Experienced

  • Professional

  • Qualified

  • Innovative

  • Industry leaders

  • Trusted by hundreds

Cement Storage Silos From A Global Leader In The Industry

For almost five decades, Laife has been a prominent provider of A-Grade chemical and cement storage silos. We pride ourselves in continuously producing reliable products across the globe. In keeping with our trailblazer culture, Laife Australia is the inaugural distributor of these kinds of storage facilities in the country.

  • What Makes Us Leaders In The Storage Field?

Not only do our products meet the standards set by industry bodies all over the world – they are the benchmark. The “Laife Standard” has simplified and improved storage options for a variety of sectors, from mining to large-scale commercial settings.

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We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of cutting edge technological and scientific developments, with a keen focus on bettering our products consistently. Whether you have an existing storage plant or are building a new one, we have products that can take your business to the next level. Small, medium or massive – there’s a Laife cement storage silo to meet your requirements.

Our Range Of Products & Services Includes:

Seasoned Professionals At The Cutting Edge Of Industrial Storage

Laife is no stranger to the cement storage industry. We have been at the top of the game for decades now, and we have no intention to stop. Why would you choose us? Here are a few reasons:

  • A Team With Decades Of Collective Experience:

On-the-ground experience is the cornerstone of our storage. Having been founded in Italy in 1971, Laife storage products are part of a long process of development that has culminated in the company becoming industry leaders. This longevity is a result of relentless hard work geared towards perfectly engineered products.

  • An Innovative Approach That Keeps Our Clients Ahead Of The Curve

The world is ever-changing, and so are our products. We are dedicated to developing new technology that continually improves the quality and function of our storage silos. The aim is to best our best every time.

  • Superior Quality Storage Silos For Sale

More than anything, we are committed to building and supplying only the best. Nothing less will cut it.

Advantages Of Using Chemical & Cement Storage Silos

  • Capacity to store tonnes of dry cement particles in a safe, controlled facility.
  • Reduced impact of dust and other harsh particles on the surrounding environment.
  • A neater work site, which improves working conditions for the business and workers on the ground.

Industry-Leading Cement & Chemical Storage Silos For Sale In Australia

Adequate storage is a critical component of successful commercial concrete production. Storage silos provide an effective solution for monitoring cement and chemicals on any plant – from small-scale to large-scale.

Laife Australia has top quality storage silos for sale. Contact us to shop for yours.

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